Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. 2012                                   G20 CONVENTION CENTER, competition. Los Cabos, Mexico. 2010


SSP CONAFRUT. Santa Fe, Mexico City. 2010                                                                                 SSP CONAFRUT, CANINE UNIT. Santa Fe, Mexico City. 2011

  REAL INSTITUTO ELCANO. Madrid, Spain. 2008

INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT, competition.                                                   COURTS OF THE SOCIAL AND COMMERCIAL, competition.
The Hague, The Netherlands. 2008                                                                             Madrid, Spain. 2007

TORRELAGUNA, MULTIPURPOSE BUILDING, competition.                                  VASCONCELOS LIBRARY, competition.
Madrid, Spain. 2007                                                                                               Mexico City. 2005

T2 MEXICO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, competition. Mexico City. 2004                                          SSP CONAFRUT, competition. Mexico City 2002

                                                                                         ZOCALO, competition. Mexico City. 1999